About Us

Golding Sales Manufactures Representatives

If you are looking for a partner to represent your products who will be committed to your success, and has a long history of building caring relationships base on trust and integrity, Welcome to Golding Sales.

We have been in the irrigation industry for more than 35 year’s, starting with working in a family irrigation store, becoming a distributor, then moving into representing manufacturing companies. As a result Golding Sales has a broad range of knowledge and understanding of how the industry works, and how we can help other manufacturers increase there respective profit margins.

It goes without saying that partnerships built on the core values of honesty, trust, respect, and teamwork are needed to build the relationship between distributors and manufacturers representative. Golding Sales has been successful in building those relationships over the years, as the following recommendation demonstrates.

“Golding Sales has been diligent in developing relationships with all of the key individuals associated with creating demand and specifications for the product we represent. Golding Sales is well organized, hard working, knowledgeable, friendly, intelligent and responsive. Golding Sales get along well with everyone in the business, is well regarded, and is a consummate team player. Golding sales posses an even demeanor and present themselves professionally in all situations” – Dean Cummings

With today’s market we can help you refresh sales in many ways. We are constantly seeking new and changing techniques.

Golding Sales looks forward to the opportunity of becoming a part of your business.